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Adam’s Peak

The 2,243 m tall mountain has a various way of calling it. Adam’s Peak, was a place where Christian tradition of Adam first set foot on earth after being cast out of heaven. Or it is also called Sri Pada that means sacred food print, left by the Buddha as he headed towards paradise. Or Samanala Kanda means a butterfly mountain where butterflies go to dies in Sinhala. It is also believed that the footprint is God Shiva by Hindu and it is Adam’s by Islam. It is surrendered by forest hills, but there are no comparably large mountains nearby.

Many religious believers climb this mountain especially during the season between the full moon of May and December. After the peak seasons in March, there are group of butterflies observed. People believe that once the season is over for humans, animals go to the mountain

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  • approx. 139km East of Colombo
  • approx. 6 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province

Key Point

  • The most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka.
  • Religious believers from all over Sri Lanka climb once in their lifetime.
  • The best Sun rise from the mountain top
To do and see
  • Adam’s Peak

    Witness sunrise in the southern reaches of the Central Highlands

    When climbing up the mountains, religious believers start chanting “Lord Buddha, Lord Buddha” and sign a song in Sinhala. Many tourists start climbing at 2am to see the sunset.

    Many shrines:
    There are small interesting religious shrines along the way to the top.

    Small shops:
    There are places to rest, shop, and buy food and drinks.

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