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Negombo is the largest finishing town in Sri Lanka with an old history just like other port towns including Colombo and Galle. After this place was used for trading cinnamon with Arabic businessmen, it was occupied by Portugal and Holland as an important harbor. The part of their influence still remains including a fort and a 129km long cannel that is the entrance of the lagoon protecting the town.

Negombo is located closed to the International airport, thus this city has been developed as a transit resort town for tourists. It is westernized with many bars, café, restaurants, shops and well-equipped facilities for foreigners. On contrary, the true face of Negombo is at the harbor early in the morning where many local people including fisherman, brokers, and peddling women are gathered to start their day. There are outdoor food stalls to serve breakfast.

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  • approx. 35km South of Colombo
  • approx. 40 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province
  • District
  • Area
    64 km2
  • Population

Key Point

  • Resort town
  • Observe natural habitat through canal
To do and see
  • Muthurajawela Visiting Centre

    There are 126 kinds of birds including migratory birds while 86 kinds actually live in the area. The tour takes 2 hours to go through the canal to see mangroves and natural habitat. It is best to go early in the morning or in the afternoon.

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