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What’s your budget for a tour package to sri lanka?

Been to Sri Lanka before or wondering where it is? Those who have visited the island before would be reminded of a lush, verdant green isle surrounded by clean beaches and friendly faces wherever they went. The friendly hospitality of Sri Lankans is a significant tribute to the memories guests take back with them. The country is seeped in a rich history. Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, was well known back in the 8th century, thanks partly to its natural harbors. Set at the tip of India it was strategically poised in the middle of the maritime silk route from China to Europe. Sailing ships ploughing the East-West route introduced exotic goods such velvets, silks, porcelain, musk and opium and took away gems, pearls, ivory and spices. Today, it is tourism. Sri Lanka is a hot spot for its tropical weather, beaches, majestic mountains, historic sites and archaeological treasures.

A Holiday Package To Sri Lanka

The perennial Sri Lanka sunshine between 25 °C/86 °F along the coastline with a slight nip of 18° C/64° F in the central hill country welcomes visitors. A standard Sri Lanka holiday package incorporates a range of activities combining the land and the sea. There are the water sports where guests could select from surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving or deep sea diving to name just a few while staying at a beach hotel of one’s choice -economy, deluxe, luxury or super luxury. For a more exotic experience, one could go white water rafting at Kitulgala, a town bordering a primary river full of rock formations and rapids nestling between tall bamboo trees. A tour usually starts with a pick up at the airport and a seasoned guide who brings each experience to life. TOURTIPPER prides itself on its guide service and with five veteran guides who know the country like the back of their hands, they never fail to impress!

Things To Do - Sri Lanka Tour Packages

Ask TOURTIPPER about its packages and you would be taken through a selection process, depending on what your theme is. It could be a family package, a honeymoon tour, the beaches, history and ancient sites, nature or adventure. A typical tour could be like this - a 5 day/4 night tour of the Southern coastal beaches, the hill country and visiting the cultural sites. Or a longer tour, maybe 11 days/10 nights, covering the hill country, the cultural and heritage sites and a wildlife safari. Yes indeed, Sri Lanka has its own complement of wild life and bird life in its thick jungles and forests. Some packages could combine a tour of the East coast too. The amazing thing about the coastline is that each boasts a special heritage picking its flavor from the influences of the Dutch, Portuguese and British who ruled the island for 150 years each up to about the middle of the 1900’s.

The Classic Tour Package – Sri Lanka

Classic tours are generally tailor made and allow guests to explore at their own pace with their personal driver cum guide. This is more leisurely as it allows flexibility on a one-to-one basis between the guests and the guide. The classic tour could start with shopping in Colombo to travelling to tea country passing ranges upon ranges of tea hills dotted with tea pluckers working their way through the trails, to the ancient cities where guests could roam places like the Sigiriya Rock and Anuradhapura. Changes could be incorporated en route.

Tailormade Custom Tours – Sri Lanka

Let’s assume our guests want a custom tour, including a combination of the standard Sri Lanka tour package with a bit of the classic tour arrangement thrown in. A custom-made tour around Sri Lanka could include even just one or two guests depending on whether it’s going to be a an experience to kindle romance or a healthy rejuvenating holiday including ancient herbal body treatments at a reasonably priced hotel of your choice when not relaxing on the beaches to adventure. TOURTIPPER’s five seasoned guides provide a very safe travelling experience that is commendable.

Budget Tours To Sri Lanka

Not everybody wants to be ensconced in luxury throughout the holiday. A budget tour package includes the gamut of touring activities at a very reasonable price. Of course this depends on the tour operator. A seasoned tour operator knows the secrets of the island, the best spots where good food and a decent bed could be found at reasonable and attractive rates. There is no bargaining involved here, as what you get is a good, natural experience in natural surroundings that sets apart the experience as something special.