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Bentota is the largest resort town in Sri Lanka. It was developed as a national holiday resort appointed by the government. A number of large resorts and hotels are standing on the sand bank by Bentota River. Bentota is also one of the known destinations for water sports as well as Ayurveda, a form of eastern medicine. The government created this area strategically, thus this area offers everything including a shopping center with Sri Lanka Tourist Board, souvenir shops, super markets, hair salon, and café. There are also banks, the post office and the police station right by the Bentota train station.

On the opposite side of the hotels, across the railroad, there is a village where anyone can observe and experience the authentic life style of locals of the coastal area in the island.


  • approx. 65km South of Colombo
  • approx. 2 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province
  • District
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Key Point

  • The largest resort town
  • Watersports and Ayurveda
To do and see
  • Marine Turtles & Protecting Centre

    Protecting 5 different types of sea turtles: Leatherback turtle, Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Olive Ridley turtle, Loggerhead turtle.

  • Bentota River Cruise

    Famous River Bentara, while flowing in to the Indian ocean, forms a lagoon at the last part. Cruises can be arranged along the river and the lagoon.

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