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Galle is the largest port city in Southern Sri Lanka. It was originally flourished back in 14th century among Arabic businessmen as a trading place. In 1589, Portuguese built a fortified border that triggered foreigners to expand its power. The fortified area was further expanded to become the main port in Sri Lanka and the city Galle was created in 1640. Galle was the important base to rule Sri Lanka during the British colonization period.

Today, the old town, the historical fort area, is a full of little boutiques, café, art galleries, restaurants, and hotels. One of the best times to take a walk on the 36-hectare Fort facing three sides by the ocean, is during the sunset. When the sun goes down toward the West into the Indian Ocean, the whole old town gets painted in in astonishingly beautiful dark orange color and the 18 m high lighthouse at the tip of the fort shines in white. Galle earned the Fort status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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  • approx. 119km South of Colombo
  • approx. 1.30 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province
  • District
  • Area
    16.52 km2
  • Population

Key Point

  • One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Easy access from Colombo
  • Fun place to shop, hangout, and relax and take a walk
To do and see
  • Galle National Museum

    This museum exhibits the influence to Ceylon in Dutch era

    This museum was developed and opened to public in 1986. The building which the museum is located is the oldest Dutch building of the Galle Fort. This is next to a hotel which is used as the residence of the Dutch governor at that time.

    There are wide varieties of displays which can be used to understand the Dutch colonial era of Ceylon. Porcelain products, weapons, cloths, coins and masks belong to rituals in the period of Dutch are few things among the exhibits.

    Entrance fee: Rs.300 – adult, Rs. 150 - child
    Hours: 9am - 5pm
    Closed: Sun. Mon. Holidays

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  • Historical Mansion

    The building is consisting of a half museum and half shop.

    Entrance fee: Free
    Hours: 9am - 6pm
    Closed: Fri. 12-2pm

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