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Mount Lavinia

The name of this city is built around the residence of the Governor General Sir Thomas Maitland during 1805-1811. The colossal white colour mansion at the edge of the cliff in the area is the residence of then Governor (called as Mount Lavinia House) and presently used as the world famous star hotel in Sri Lanka; Mount Lavinia Hotel.

There is a love story accompanied with the city’s name where Sir Thomas Maitland felt in love with a beautiful local mestizo dancer; Lovina, who performed at the welcome party of his honor on his arrival in Ceylon. Due to their difference in their social status, he met her in secret through a tunnel that led from dancer’s father’s well into a wine cellar in the house. In 1811, he had to leave the country for Malta where he lived and died unmarried. The statue of the local girl, Lady Lavinia (as she became known later), is displayed in a water fountain by the entrance at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

City Mount Lavinia is the quickest getaway from the busy Colombo, only 15 km South along Colombo-Matara main road. Mount Lavinia is famous for its beach activities, nightlife and chilled out dinning locations along the golden beach line.

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  • approx. 12km South of Colombo
  • approx. 20 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province
  • District

Key Point

  • The closest resort city from Colombo
  • Quiet place on the beach to chill out and to see the Sunset
To do and see
  • Mt. Lavinia beach

    There are a number of restaurants on the beach to eat out and to see the sunset.

  • Mt. Lavinia Hotel

    The hotel’s poolside facility is open to public with a fee.

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