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It is the last ancient capital of Sri Lanka. Sinhala Dynasty prospered in the North move to South to escape from invaders from India and ended up choosing to place a palace here as It was a perfect site as it was surrendered by mountains with 300m high. Until British invaded, the culture was prospered over three hundred years. It is the second largest city after Colombo.

Kandy is known to be the representative city of Sri Lanka for many. One of the most famous sites to worship in the Buddhist world, the Temple of Tooth Relic, located in the center of city, and also standing by Kandy lake, is the proud symbol for people in this country. Kandy is also famous of Esala Perahera, a grand festival held once a year in the summer for two weeks. This historical annual festival, Perahera, is for paying homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. People from all over the world visit here to see this beautiful tradition.

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  • approx. 125km North East of Colombo
  • approx. 2 -3 hr by car from Colombo


  • Province
  • District
  • Area
    27 km2
  • Population

Key Point

  • One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Many ancient temples
  • Kandy dance
  • Perahera festival in the summer
  • Mind-blowing botanical gardens
  • Elephant’s Orphanage
  • Place for meditation
To do and see
  • Temple of the Tooth Relic (Dalada Maligawa)

    Buddhist temple houses the relic of the tooth of Lord Buddha. Since from ancient time it has been considered in Sri Lanka that, whoever holds the relic plays an important role in government.

  • Hunas Falls

    There are a large fall and a small fall facing in front of a luxury hotel; Venus Falls Hotel. The view from this hotel is quite spectacular.

  • King’s Pavilion

    The most part of this site is used for Archaeological Museum.

    Entrance fee: Rs.500
    Hours: 8:00am – 5pm

  • Kandy Lake

    It is located in the heart of Kandy. It was created by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, the last kind of the Sinhala dynasty in the beginning of 19th Century. It took 12 years to complete it.

  • Kandy National Museum

    This building used to be a palace for Queen.  Collections of Kandy Dynasty are displayed.

    Entrance fee: Rs.500 – adult, Rs.300- children, Rs.250 – photo (no flash)
    Hours: 9:00am – 5pm
    Closed: Sun, Mon

  • Kandy Market

    A two-story building market made of bricks. Fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and spices are sold on the first floor. Sari, clothes, shoes, bags and souvenirs are sold on the 2nd floor. Many locals come here to shop in the afternoon especially on the 1st floor.

  • Lake View Point

    There is a viewing point on the small hill, the South side of Kandy Lake, overlooks the city.

  • White Buddha Statue

    There is a white big Buddha statue on the mountain at North West side of the Kandy Lake. It is 13m tall and built in 1993. It is also a good viewing point to see the city

  • Kandyan Dance

    A famous performing art of Sri Lanka. The dance is coming from the performance

    A famous performing art of Sri Lanka. The dance is coming from the performance style held inside of the palace during Kandy dynasty period in addition to the folk dance in Sri Lanka.

    The Kandy Lake Club
    Entrance fee: Rs.500
    Starts: 5:30pm ~

    Kandyan Art Association (Cultural Hall)
    Entrance fee: Rs.500
    Starts: 5:30pm ~

    Entrance fee: Rs.500
    Starts: 5:30pm ~

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  • University of Peradeniya

    It is the oldest university in Sri Lanka. The building is a colonial style and consume an area of 10km2.

  • Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

    The 1821 built garden has 5.6 km2 and has over 4,000 kinds of plants. Over 2 million people visit per year.

  • Pinnawala Elephants’ Orphanage

    Famous Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka

    It is in a town called Kegalle, about 30 km west of Kandy. Over 100 elephants are sheltered. Twice a day between 10am – 12, 2 pm – 4pm, all elephants except babies are gathered and go for a water bath by the river under the restaurant.

    Entrance fee: Rs.2,000 – adult, Rs.1,000 - children
    Hours: 8:30AM – 6PM

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  • Temples

    There are many small temples in Kandy. Gadaladeniya, Lankatilake, Embekke Devale and Degaldoruwa are the most popular among them.

  • Meditation Centre

    Feel the calmness and tame your mind & body

    There are some in the city of Kandy, but there are also good quiet places in the outskirt. Nilambe Meditation Centre has been running its operation over 20 years.

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